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English to Arabic Translation in Dubai
Admin July 28, 2022

English to Arabic Translation in Dubai

Arabic legal translation involves several difficulties and barriers. A highly skilled professional Arabic translator can only handle it. This kind of work necessitates highly developed linguistic abilities and strong legal credentials. The technical legal jargon requires exhaustive research and unmatched discipline and clarity. Hence, We at Al Qais translation can connect you with qualified translators specializing in English to Arabic Translation in Dubai if you seek highly accurate outcomes.

Legal translation is the legal system’s conversion of written information from one language to another. Due to the significant differences in judicial systems between nations, legal translation is a challenging service. Because of this, a legal translator must understand the complex specifics of the relevant legal system to ensure that all standards are carefully followed.

Importance of interlanguage translation: English to Arabic

In order to avoid lawsuits when negotiating contracts and exchanging legal papers, an appropriate adaptation of legal materials is essential due to the fact that laws vary throughout nations. The rights and obligations of the parties concerned must be accurately defined in Legal Document Translations, which must be technical and exact.

Our vast network of qualified translators at Al Qais translation in Dubai offers a wide range of translation services, and our customers can rely on it. Our Arabic legal translation specialists were chosen based on their education and background in the legal sector. They all pass tests to ensure their abilities exceed our client’s expectations and meet strict and tough criteria. They all have extensive experience in Arabic legal translation, and They can deliver the client a product that meets their needs, which entails precise, dependable, consistent, and high-quality skills.

Al Qais English to Arabic translation service

If you’re searching for the most effective method of document translation from Arabic to English, Al Qais is the most insightful name. The most effective and reputable Arabic translation agency in Dubai is Al Qais translations. Our linguists are highly qualified individuals who can give you the most precise translations needed for your paperwork.

We employ and provide you, dependable professionals, to our clients for Arabic Legal Translation Services since we are aware of the significance of every word when it comes to legal papers. Our experts have years of experience translating Arabic legal texts into English. They identify the most precise and close match for each term because they are experts in their field.

The two qualities that the documentation needs to have the most are accuracy and clarity. We take steps to ensure that the consumer receives the most precise and understandable translation possible while avoiding any discrepancies. We work with highly qualified translators that are fully versed in the field. They use the most modern translation software, which is essential for precise translations.

We support our work We can maximize translation efficiency with the help of a translation management system. The work is evaluated and amended by specialists using the translation management system, and it is made more affordable. The expense of in-person editing was significantly reduced by the translation management system.

Our English to Arabic offered services

Our selection of legal document translations from Arabic is extensive. A partial list of the papers that our translation company frequently works with is provided below:

  • Distribution, sales, and employment contracts
  • Filing complaints
  • Legal procedures
  • Terms and conditions
  • Expert reports
  • Regulations
  • Inheritance records
  • Divorce petitions
  • Clauses of non-competition and non-confidentiality
  • Letters of intent
  • Proxies
  • Court releases
  • Articles of association

As we also deal in a range of fields, including but not limited to dispute resolution, insurance, intellectual property, private equity, and tax, we know that your legal document translation demands will vary. All of our employees and linguists have consented to confidentiality agreements, and if necessary, they will sign nondisclosure agreements on your behalf.

Al Qais translation matches your project to a linguist who is well-versed in legal vocabulary and the syntax of legal writing. Whether your translation needs involve certificates for citizenship or lengthy transcripts or contracts, we will ensure that your documents are in the hands of a linguist who understands the language of the law.

Moreover, we have forged business relationships with numerous law firms in Dubai that regularly need projects turned around within 24 hours. Our know-how and resources meet tight deadlines with ease. Should your deadline or scope of work change during the project, we will add the resources necessary to work within your new timeline.

Al Qais English to the Arabic translation process

English to Arabic translation Process in JLT

When you contact us by e-mail or phone, one of our project managers will begin gathering information about your project. The project manager will then follow up with a quote detailing the estimated cost and turnaround time for translating your documents.

As Your clients and your business may suffer from poor legal translation, verifying information and having the material retranslated might cost time, money, and reputation. Arabic’s complex treatment of official versus casual speech, together with its different grammar and word order from English, makes it hard to translate English into Arabic verbatim. Thus, it is crucial that you hire a professional translation service provider that can not only translate your sensitive documents but also keep your documents confidential to protect them from numerous frauds.

The linguistic and cultural considerations related to your text and its target readership will be of consideration at Al Qais translations. The result will be a work that reads as though it were written in the intended language at first. To ensure accurate legal document translations, our translation service provider not only is proficient in the two target languages but also possesses a thorough knowledge of legal jargon to prevent even the tiniest misunderstanding.

Our Professional, native-speaking translators translate each text. They have a translation or language degree, at least three years of professional experience, and in-depth subject understanding. Our language managers choose the best translator based on the unique requirements of each content. Our Professional proofreaders go over each text for errors. The Language Managers choose proofreaders based on their in-depth familiarity with the subject area of the text as well as their proficiency in translation and other languages.

Our Language Managers run our industry-leading quality system to guarantee the accuracy of all our translations. The standards include accuracy, style, language, presentation, and on-time delivery.


As a top provider of Legal Translation Services in Dubai, we guarantee that every one of your documents will be handled precisely and quickly. We painstakingly translate every word in your legal documents, ensuring they are accurate and compliant with local legal regulations. It’s crucial to choose a reliable, well-established legal translation company with top-notch training, assured certification, and in-depth knowledge of the legal language. We truly are that. Trust us to translate all your certified legal documents; we’ll ensure they’re always perfectly accurate.

We are the premier center for Arabic translation. We offer Arabic translation that is free of errors. Many clienteles have shown their approval of our work. We offer certified Arabic to English-translation services outside of Dubai. We adhere strictly to all translational standards in our work. Under the direction of authorized legal authorities, we created a legal document. We employ a terminology framework for legal documents so that each phrase is understood correctly by all parties.

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