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Legal Translation Services by Al Qais Translations
Admin July 26, 2022

Legal Translation Services by Al Qais Translations

Due to the complexity and meticulousness required, Legal Translation Services is one of the most difficult and sought-after categories in the translation industry. Qualified legal translators are needed by law firms, corporations, and governmental organizations.

The study of law is a very dynamic field. It is predicated on a few ambiguous, fluid ideas that vary greatly depending on the nation or territory where the laws are implemented. The meaning of legal discourse is constantly changing, depending on the reader as well as the language used to communicate it.

Hence, Legal Translation Services require a high level of accuracy because even one mistake can have negative effects on your client. You must entrust the translation task to a legal translator whose mother tongue has a tight relationship with the target language. Here we at Al Qais translations come in as our principles in line with your requirements.

Importance of Legal Translation Services

Dubai is the hub of a worldwide business that requires various types of legal documents. The wide range of nationalities, according to recent research about 190 nationalities, results in dynamic languages speaking personnel involved in legal translation Services. These legal documents include bilingual contracts, marriages, charters, and power of attorney. In cases of breach of these contracts or infringement of rights, you must be able to fully understand the contents of the contract you have signed or are going to sign; otherwise, it will cost you more than money and lifetime regret. Hence, there can be severe outcomes, as so many case laws indicate.

Large corporations and multinational companies have their headquarters or branches in Dubai. Banks from around the world, as well as embassies and governments of the world, carry out their business in Dubai. Hence it is crucial for the smooth running of the business and to maximize co-operations that qualified and experienced legal translation services like Al Qais who have experience in both out-of-court and in-court legal documents and processes.

Contracts, Court and witness transcripts, Depositions, Confidentiality agreements, wills and trusts, Complaints, Policies, Legal Statements, Licenses, Litigation documentation, Arbitration translation, Legal disclaimers, etc., are some of the legal documents that legal translation services are required. According to the translator and revisor Robert Breuer, “creating a good translation is a very meticulous craft. The translation has to reflect the message of the original accurately and idiomatically. The same tone and level of language have to be sustained. A legal translation should be free of grammatical errors. When it comes to international treaties, ambiguity can represent a diplomatic tactic. In literary translation, ambiguity is not necessarily viewed as a defect. In order to produce a quality legal translation, translators must avoid “interpreting” ambiguities.”

Al Qais Legal Translation Services

In order for someone who speaks a language other than the one the document was initially written in to understand it, legal documents must frequently be translated from one language into another due to their complexity. Many different kinds of legal documents need to be translated before they can be used effectively. Thanks to Al Qais’s translation as Dubai’s impeccable legal translators, we ensure that these documents are rendered according to the legal terms so that they will be recognized as legitimate in whatever court they are being presented in. Without the correct translation, these documents could be seen as invalid or fraudulent, which could cause major problems for anyone involved, including judges, lawyers, and any other person who works with them; hence a great legal translator, if not more, is equally important to a lawyer.

Al Qais legal translation Services has been providing one of the finest Translation and Documentation services under one platform. Alongside adequate infrastructure, the company has highly qualified experts and specialists who hold in-depth knowledge and experience in regard to their respective fields. Our mission is to be the best service provider by sticking to our promises of providing excellent services while maintaining the trust of our clients because trust is earned when actions meet words. Though our services include medical translation, site content translation, and much more, we take pride in our expertise in Legal Translation Services which has since become our forte.

Moreover, legal translation Services is a job that requires an in-depth knowledge of the client’s field, as well as legal terminology. We at Al Qais translation understand not only the source language and the target language but also the subject matter. Whether it’s law or another field, we are familiar with our subject due to years of experience in the field. Not only that but we are also capable of answering any questions that arise during the translation process and making you understand your language. Our carefully selected team of legal translation professionals understands the terminology of legal systems around the world. So Connect with our professional legal translator who is native to the language you are targeting, Certified to work in the court of law, and an expert in your field of law.

In addition to individually practicing, as Dubai’s legal professional translation service we comprise translators who have years of experience translating documents in their particular field. They are familiar with legal terminology and have extensive legal training before working on legal documents alongside a very important aspect of legal writing; the specific formats used in different counties around the globe.

Legal Translation Service in any Language

multiple languages translation services

In order to avoid lawsuits when negotiating contracts and exchanging legal papers, an appropriate adaptation of legal materials is essential due to the fact that laws vary throughout nations. The rights and obligations of the parties concerned must be accurately defined in legal document translations, which must be technical and exact.

To ensure accurate legal document translations, the translation service provider must not only be proficient in the two target languages but also possess a thorough knowledge of legal jargon to prevent even the tiniest misunderstanding.

As a top provider of legal translation services, we guarantee that every one of your documents will be handled precisely and quickly. With our 200+ offered languages, We painstakingly translate every word in your legal documents, making sure that they are exactly accurate and compliant with local legal regulations.

Additionally, for every document, including birth certificates, driver’s licenses, and passports, we offer certified legal translations and legal translation affidavits.
It’s crucial to choose a reliable, well-established legal translation company with top-notch training, assured certification, USCIS approval, and in-depth knowledge of the legal language. We truly are that. Trust us to translate all of your certified legal documents, and we’ll make sure they’re always perfectly accurate.


In Dubai, countries from around the globe come together to sign treaties or diplomatic contracts, from an international cricket match to an import of needles; all of them require a well-versed legal translation service, so there is no chance of second-guessing or legal actions later. A perfectly translated document will not save you time but also handle situations that can bring catastrophic mistakes in the future.

The growing role of translation in the legal field is not only a challenge but also an opportunity for translators who have specific skills and knowledge. Dubai’s legal translation services make the client’s information intelligible to them by analyzing the source material, possessing specialized training and professional experience in the particular area of law, as well as a comprehensive understanding of their native language

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