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Al Qais Translation, Dubai – reputed certified translation company offering flawless official translations that are legally accepted in other languages and acknowledged by Dubai authorities, as well as government agencies. It reveals that it is essential to partner with a certified and experienced translation firm in Dubai because of the ever-increasing demand for skilled and authorized translation services. The fact that we are known and trusted in Dubai comes from our commitment to precision and quality in every translation.

Best Certified Translators in Dubai

At Al Qais Translation, our experienced certified translator in Dubai are skilled in translations of complex documents. They can maneuver through different linguistic complexities both lexical, as well as of the syntactic or the pragmatic level, to transmit the message correctly and authentically. While working with different text types we put strong stress on cultural sensitivity and technological awareness. Our all translations are done by certified translators living in Dubai who show that they are accepted by the primary UAE Governmental organizations. This recognition extends to the courts, embassies, ministries, and notaries public among others.

Al Qais Translation Dubai’s legal certification is among the most distinguished, issued by the UAE Ministry of Justice. This exclusive certificate makes us a specialized translation center in Dubai focusing on the legal areas only. In this regard, our strict adherence to the industry standards is an affirmation of quality translation. This legal justification reinforces our position in the market, guaranteeing that the translations meet UAE’s tough conditions.

24/7 Responsive Customer Service:

Our team of project managers and translators is available 24/7 to serve you. We realize the seriousness of questions on the matter of the official translator in Dubai order. Efficiency, sustainability, and the highest quality are the commitments our project managers have toward ensuring that your certified translation project is delivered on time and to your satisfaction.

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Some of the key reasons why you should select us for legal translation services in Dubai (certified translation services) include the following. Read on to learn more!

Fast Translation Services:

For our clients, we know that time is of paramount importance. If there are any delays in a project that involves certified translation, an organization may lose business or opportunity. We deliver a swift but qualified translator in Dubai for your project with our simple, refined translation approach. Our translators work within houses and together they can translate two pages per hour. We have strong coordination and consistency guidelines.

Adaptable and Committed Translation Company in Dubai

  1. Flexibility and client satisfaction are among the core principles of Al Qais Translation Dubai. First of all, we listen to your unique needs. We then customize our translation practices, management systems, and accounting and delivery procedures to fit your preferences. We value certified translation services to add value to your business and our business.

    Latest Translation Techniques:

    We have demonstrated our zeal to remain abreast of the current trends in the field through the usage of the most recent CAT tools. These tools make us more efficient as they guarantee proper and timely translations. It also helps us save costs for our clients because they can choose from a variety of CAT tools, which will be suitable for their projects and platforms.

Where legal translations are required in Dubai, UAE

Any of the following UAE agencies and organizations will accept Legalized Translations from Al Qais Legal Translation Dubai. 

  • UAE Courts
  • Free Zones
  • Dubai Land Department
  • Roads & Transport Authority (RTA)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
  • DMCC
  • and all Emirati government offices

Universities, banks, courts, and foreign embassies situated in the United Arab Emirates recognize our legalized translations as well. Al Qais Translation can assist in producing legalized translations accepted in all nations parties to The Hague Convention as well as certified and sworn translations accepted in 56 countries (including the UK, USA, France, Germany, Canada, and Australia).

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Is your question, “How can I find legal translation near me?” on your mind? For all translation needs, everyone will always find it ideal to have a legal translation office close by, which can be accomplished through an online presence. As a result, we now offer legal translation services in more locations, including JLT, AL Barsha, Abudhabi, and many in many languages like German, French, and Spanish. Because of their excellent quality and quick turnaround, our translation services in Abu Dhabi are considered the best in the industry. Please visit our page to take advantage of our special offers at discounted prices. In actuality, even though practically all services are readily available online in our digital age, face-to-face interaction is still commonly required. As a result, at AL Qais Legal Translation Services, we’re constantly improving our translation offerings to accommodate a wide range of preferences and requirements. You need not fear because our team of experts and professionals can reach you both online and at any location on Earth. Therefore, to be as close to you as possible and to make your search for a translation agency or office near me as simple and helpful as it has ever been, our branches are dispersed throughout numerous nations and towns. To locate us, simply search for “translation services near me,” and we will appear in your search results. Speak with us right now to take advantage of our deals and services.

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