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Attestation Services for Any Educational Certificate in Dubai, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates – Degree Certificate Attestation.

Dubai’s degree certificate attestation services are essential for individuals who have completed their education in a foreign country and wish to use their educational documents in Dubai. Attestation is a process that verifies the authenticity of educational documents, ensuring they are genuine and legally recognized. 

Attestation of a Degree Certificate: Are you able to get our assistance?

Degree certificate attestation in Dubai is one of the many document attestation services provided by Al Qais Translation. A person wishing to work or reside in Dubai must have their school records certified, which guarantees the validity of the documents. It is advised that you use our services to avoid any issues that may arise throughout the degree attestation procedure in Dubai. 

Al Qais Translation’s services stand out because of the high caliber of work and the trust that its clients have placed in it throughout time. In Dubai, we are experts in providing attestation services for various degrees. The education certificate attestation in Dubai must be completed first in the individual’s home country and subsequently by UAE ministerial authorities for the purpose of the UAE visa application process and other official purposes. Our staff of highly skilled specialists possesses unparalleled competence, making the procedure of attestation of degree certificates in Dubai simple and convenient for our clients.

  1. The UAE’s process for certifying degrees or other educational credentials
  2. In Dubai, how do you attest to your degree?
  3. These steps are involved in the attestation of educational documents, such as diplomas or degrees.
  4. Attestation from your country’s MOE
  5. verification from MOFA in your nation of origin
  6. verification from the UAE Embassy in your nation of origin
  7. Lastly, the UAE’s MOFA attestation


    The educational certificate issued in the home country must be attested by both the state’s Department of Higher Education and the UAE consulate or embassy in that country in order to proceed with the degree attestation process in Dubai. 

    At Al Qais Translation, we’re committed to realizing our aim of total client pleasure through prompt delivery and high-caliber services. We manage the complete attestation of degree certificates for the UAE in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Philippines, India, Pakistan, and numerous more countries. With us, you can unwind while finishing your work in the most straightforward manner!

Attestation of Degree Certificates for the UAE

The attestation of your certificate is a crucial step in obtaining a work visa for the United Arab Emirates. To obtain an employment visa for the United Arab Emirates, including Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Kuwait, only certified certificates are acceptable. Your paper is sent to multiple government departments as part of this process. Your certificate and associated costs will bear a minimum of four to five stamps. In the area of legalization, Al Qais Translation and Attestation Services is a pioneer. Without having to wait longer, we can assist you with the attestation of your degree certificate. Our executive will gather your paperwork and take care of all the requirements. Our degree authentication procedure in Dubai is quick and easy.

How does one go about getting their degree attested for a UAE visa?

To verify the validity of your academic records, the degree attestation procedure for a UAE visa usually entails multiple procedures. This is a broad synopsis of the procedure:

Notarization: Have the accredited university or educational board in the nation where you finished your studies notarize your original transcripts and degree certificates. This process confirms that the documents are authentic and issued by a reputable organization.

Attestation in Your Home Country: Deliver the notarized documents to the appropriate ministry or department of government in your home country that is in charge of authenticating and attestating educational credentials. Depending on your nation, the department may not be exactly the same. They will offer an official seal or stamp and confirm the notarization.

Foreign Affairs Attestation: The next step is to deliver these to your country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or an equivalent. They will perform an additional round of attestation and confirm the documents’ legitimacy.

UAE Embassy Attestation: Take your documents to the UAE embassy or consulate in your nation of residence following the foreign affairs attestation. They will examine the earlier attestations, verifying them with their own seal or stamp.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE: You must deliver your documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE after they have been certified by the UAE embassy in your nation of origin. To validate the documents for usage in the United Arab Emirates, this last step is crucial.

How Can Al Qais Translation Help You with Attestation of Degrees?

Since the attestation process may differ slightly depending on your home country, it is imperative that you confirm the precise requirements and processes with the UAE government or other official sources. To guarantee a seamless and effective attestation procedure, you should also think about hiring the services of reputable attestation companies. Documents that have been properly authenticated are essential, particularly if you want to pursue job and further education in the UAE and need a UAE visa. Get in touch with our experts for prompt response.


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