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Document attestation Services in dubai

document attestation Services in dubai

Attestation is the process of making sure that the seal and signature on papers from the UAE or another country are real. An online service called MoFA in the UAE and its offices and consulates around the world offer this service.

Individual Affairs Documents


Educational certificate Educational transcripts  Birth certificates
 Death certificate Medical reports Good conduct certificate
 Marriage certificate Court-issued certificates Power of attorney of personal nature
 To may it concern letters Employment contract Employment offer
 Bank statements Personal tax certificate And other individual affairs documents


Commercial Documents


Contract or agreement Commercial registration Appointment of a manager or a director 

Minutes of meeting of board

of directors or partners

 Change the Company name Brand registration
 Distribution agreement Corporate insurance certificate Corporate tax certificate

The decision of the Board


 Trade license Partnership or shareholder certificate

Annexes and appendices in

commercial documents

 Memorandums Company closures

Company branch


Bankruptcy documents  Financial statement
 Product registration Patent registration or waiver Trademark registration

Power of attorney of

commercial nature

 General power of attorney Signature document
 End-user certificate Tax certificate Completion certificate

Any other document of

commercial nature

Certificate Attestation for UAE

Our group of qualified and skilled legal translators in Dubai is quite large. Expert translation services for passports and lost passport certificates, criminal clearance records, identification cards, college certificates, divorce certificates, birth certificates, immigration documentation, good conduct certificates, academic certificates, court marriage certificates, residence permits, police reports, formal reports, power of attorney, legal notices, driving licenses, and all other legal translation needs are offered by us. If you’re trying to find the most reputable legal translation agency in Dubai that offers precise and error-free legal translation services. Al Qais Legal Translation consistently fulfills its clients’ expectations.

Fast, Secure & Affordable Attestation Services in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi

Authentication of Certificates is the process of making sure that a document is real and that it was given by the right authorities. In Dubai, attestation of a certificate is needed for many things, like visas, schooling, jobs, business, and legal processes. Because of these things, you need to confirm your certificates in Dubai:

1. UAE Residence Visa: You need to have your certificate attested in order to get a residence visa in the UAE so that you can move to Dubai or another country. To make sure you meet the requirements for the visa, the immigration officials need to check the authenticity of your attested personal documents, such as your birth and marriage certificates.

2. Employment: If you want to apply for a job in Dubai or any other country, you need to have your certificate attested. Employers need to check the educational, professional, or personal papers of their workers to make sure they meet the needs of the job and have the right skills and qualifications.

3. Education: You need to have your certificate attested in order to go to college or higher education in Dubai or other countries. Educational organisations need to check the authenticity of your diplomas to make sure you meet the requirements for admission and have the right skills.

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