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The AL Qais typing center in Dubai, UAE, is one of the best and offers a wide range of services. We provide a wide range of services to our clients. Our major focus is on typing and processing documents for the Ministry of Health, Emirates ID, E-Vision, Immigration, and the Economic Department. We can help and advise our clients through the paper process because we know a lot about what we do.

The person has 10 years of experience with different government forms. We could help you if you can’t work things out on your own.

Typing Services in Dubai

You can find professional typing services in Dubai here. I can help people who live in Dubai who need a little help with their typing as well as businesses that want to outsource their typing while still looking professional.

Document Typing Services in Dubai

Think about how much time and money you could save by getting someone else to type your documents for you. You don’t have to hire or train a new employee, which can be hard, take time, and cost money. You can hire a skilled and dependable writer who works in and around Dubai.

I am an expert in writing long papers with many pages, like manuscripts and reports. In a certain amount of time, I can turn your handwritten paper or audio file into a smart document that is easy to change.

The best prices I can offer are $20 an hour for copy typing and as little as $1.15 an audio minute for audio typing. It doesn’t matter if you just need to type one paper or if you need to copy or type a lot of things. Paying someone else to type for you will save you money and give you more time to do other important business tasks.

Reliable and confidential typing services for clients in Dubai

You can hire us to type quickly and correctly. We have experienced audio transcriptionists and copy typists ready to help you with any job, no matter how big or small.

We’ll pay attention to what you want and make sure that the papers we make meet your needs. We’ll also look over your work for language and grammar errors and suggest changes that we think will make it easier to read.

Our Typing Services


We can copy-type from handwritten documents, notes, or PDF documents to make business, formal, or personal letters, like thank you letters. We can also type your letters from your audio dictation, if you want us to do that. Let us know what kind of layout you want, and we can make professional letters for any occasion.


When you tell us what you want to say, we can write your emails for you. We can also write your emails from handwritten notes. All emails will be written in the format you prefer and saved as draughts so that you can send them when you’re ready to do so. Besides, we’ll also run a spelling and grammar check as part of the deal.

Email Templates:

We can help you make professional email templates for different events. We can either make them by copying and pasting them, or we can write and change them as needed.

Articles and blogs:

It’s hard to come up with new ideas for articles and blogs without having to think about how to write, format, and lay out the text. We have people who can type up your notes or handwritten articles and blogs and make them look more professional. We can even put them up for you.


Leaflets and brochures are an important part of any business that is going to do well. Keep your clients or customers up to date on what’s going on in your business and let them know more about your products or services with the help of them. When you send us your documents, we’ll copy type and format them to make leaflets, brochures, and newsletters. We can do this for you, too.

business card:

A business card is made by copying your information into a business card layout and then printing it. We can also help with data entry tasks if and when they need to be done.


It is important that proposals make a good first impression. In addition to typing your proposal, our transcription services can also help you proofread it. This way, you can be sure that your document is free of embarrassing mistakes.


We can write a lot of different things, like academic notes, business notes, medical notes, and legal notes. Transcribe notes from audio and video files, or copy type from handwritten documents. Our typists are more than happy to do these things for you!

labels and mail merges:

There are a lot of different things our typists can help with. A professional typing service can help with business organization and can also help with data entry tasks if you are moving from paper to electronic.

It can be a good idea for most businesses to use a professional typing service at some point or another. Our work is done quickly and accurately, and we can help you with any extra typing you need.

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