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English to Arabic Translation Services in Dubai

English to Arabic Translation Services in Dubai

English is not spoken in Dubai or any of the other UAE states. If you need to go to a government office in the UAE for any reason, such as the courts, immigration, health departments, RTA, Dubai Police, the Department of Economics, the Land Department, or another, you may be asked to bring an Arabic version of your documents. One of the best translation services in Dubai is Al Qais Translation Services Dubai. They can translate any kind of paper from English to Arabic very well.

If you need to send papers to the government in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE, you may need an English to Arabic translation for other reasons. It includes translating websites to get the attention of Arabic speakers so that you can sell or introduce your goods and services to them. Advertising materials like brochures, menus, direct mail, catalogues, handouts, company profiles, and more can help a business grow if they are translated into Arabic in Dubai.

No matter what kind of papers you need translated from English to Arabic or how many you have, Al Qais can help. As our team of Arabic translators can do high-quality work translating from English to Arabic and back again, they can do this for any field. The Arabic translators on our team in Dubai have a lot of experience translating material for legal, medical, technical, automotive, IT, and telecommunications use. Besides that, we can translate from English to Arabic for engineering, machines, contracts, law, math, bank and other financial statements, accounting, real estate, logistics, and any other topic.

We can translate papers from English to Arabic and from Arabic to English. We can also translate between languages. Al Qais Translation Services Dubai will make sure that you have an experienced Arabic interpreter by your side at trade shows, meetings, conferences, exhibitions, or while you are applying for a visa to enter an English-speaking country. This will help you market your business.

Arabic Translation in Dubai

We can translate from English to Arabic and from Arabic to English for all kinds of papers and fields. We can also convert texts into Arabic, which is also known as “Arabization,” so that each translated text meets the needs of its readers.

Our team of highly trained and experienced Arabic translators and interpreters will help our clients get their message across in the Arab market. Not only that, but we can also translate from French to Arabic, German to Arabic, Spanish to Arabic, and such.

Arabic Translation Services in Dubai

Today, Dubai is a very modern country. It is also one of the world’s most sought-after business hubs. Over a thousand people from all over the world work there, and many Fortune 500 companies come from all over the world to do business. Because of this, it makes sense that there is a huge need for law translation in Dubai. More so, law translation in JLT, which is a business hub. ‘Translation Company close’ and ‘Arabic translation near me’ are the tags that people in Dubai search for the most online.

We offer the best prices on high-quality English-to-Arabic translations. We guarantee that our customers will get the most out of Dubai’s best translation services because we have a strong team of highly qualified translators and copywriters.

The Leading Arabic Translation Agency in Dubai & UAE

Nearly 300 million people speak Arabic as their first language. It is the fifth most spoken language in the world and the biggest member of the Semitic language family, which also includes Hebrew and Aramaic. Arab is spelled from right to left, like most Semitic languages. Modern standard Arabic is mostly written, and it sounds a lot like the ancient Arabic in the Quran. People who speak Arabic in, say, Oman and Morocco speak very different types of Arabic. Two philology professors from these two countries might be able to talk about ancient texts while having trouble getting lunch.

Our quality translation language combinations include:

  • Arabic into English and English into Arabic;
  • Arabic into Spanish and Spanish into Arabic;
  • Arabic into French and French into Arabic;
  • Arabic into German and German into Arabic;
  • Arabic into Russian and Russian into Arabic;
  • Arabic into Italian and Italian into Arabic;
  • Arabic into Chinese and Chinese into Arabic;
  • Arabic into Portuguese and Portuguese into Arabic;
  • Arabic into Farsi and Farsi into Arabic.



Every nation has its own set of laws and legal procedures; Dubai is no exception. English to Arabic Translation in Dubai and Arabic to English Legal Translation in Dubai are two important facets of legal translation in Dubai. This is due to numerous factors:

Legal documents are the main kind of Arabic-to-English translations done in Dubai, either from Arabic to Arabic or from English to Arabic. Every now and again someone needs a translation agency in my area.

  • Legal translation of immigration documents in JLT and Dubai.
  • Arabic to English legal translation of asylum-seeking documents in Dubai.
  • Translation services for business documents and files in Dubai.
  • Legal translation in the United Arab Emirates for papers connected to education.
  • Legal proforma agreements and translation services for papers available in Dubai and JLT.

Translation from English to Arabic of official contracts, employee codes of behavior, and other business-related documents in Dubai.

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