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Translation Services into Farsi/Persian in Dubai

With our extremely skilled Farsi/Persian Legal & Certified Translation Services, you can stay safe and sound in any legal matters, whether they are mandated by the judiciary or by statute. Legal Translators authorized by the Iran Consulate/Embassies and Other Embassies, with a license from the UAE Ministry of Justice, give the translations.

Are you looking for a professional Farsi/Persian legal translation?

For all industries and document kinds, we provide translation services from English to Farsi/Persian and Arabic to Farsi/Persian. Our staff of highly skilled and knowledgeable interpreters and translators who understand Farsi and Persian will assist our clients in effectively communicating their message to the Farsi-speaking public.


Available language combinations with Farsi/Persian

The language combinations that are available with Farsi/ Persian are as follows:

Professional Farsi/Persian Interpreters for Chinese Legal Translation in Farsi and Persian Spoken in Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, some areas of Georgia, India, and Pakistan, Farsi is also known as Persian. Over the previous few centuries, this language has experienced numerous changes. Do you conduct business in Central Asia or the Middle East? Are you trying to find ways to grow your company in areas where people speak Farsi? In that case, you will need a reliable Farsi translation service provider for all business correspondence, legal document translation, and product translation. Our team of expert, licensed Farsi interpreters and translators has extensive training in comprehending subtitles, distinguishing between regional dialects, and translating and interpreting text.

Translation from Farsi in Dubai

Do you have a project in Dubai or another area of the United Arab Emirates that requires translation into Farsi? Are you unsure if you should work with a qualified Farsi translator? Check your doubts at the door! In Dubai, we at Al-Qais Translation Services offer the best Farsi translation services. Being one of the biggest international cities in the world, Dubai attracts a lot of requests from people who live and work abroad about Farsi translation.

Being the best Farsi translation company in Dubai, we serve prestigious clients from across the globe and can translate and return your material in a flash. We provide excellent Farsi or Persian translation services in Dubai without charging exorbitant fees. We offer Farsi translation according to the language pairings listed below at Al-Qais Translation Services Dubai.

In Dubai, qualified and fluent Farsi translation services

The language of southwest Iran is called Farsi. Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and a few other areas that were formerly influenced by Persia are the main places where it is spoken. Around 110 million people speak Farsi worldwide. The official languages of Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Iran are Farsi. For these reasons, one of the primary responsibilities of Al Qais Translation Services, a well-known Translation Services Dubai office since 2020, is translating from English to Farsi and from Farsi to English. As the leading providers of translation services in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai, Al Qais Translation Services’ interpreters in Dubai have perfected the art of providing incredibly accurate and dependable English to Farsi and Farsi to English translations, promoting meticulous expressiveness and ease of expression.