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Interpretation Services in Dubai

AQLTD is providing Professional Interpretation Services in Dubai

We are a Global Network of Top Language Professionals providing services in the areas of legal, medical, and technical translation in Dubai, UAE.
A team of professional translators, interpreters, localizers, proofreaders, and coordinators works at Prime Legal Translation Service. This team of professionals has the passion, advantage, and experience to achieve the standard of quality, speed, and professionalism that you demand.

We have a team of best interpreters which are experienced in this field. Our services cover 50 languages. If you desire to get better opportunities to boost the business and to ensure the best communication of your business slogan to potential customers, our professional interpreters are well equipped with the skills you need. They are native speakers of their corresponding languages and they know how to interpret accurately and effectively. You can experience our excellence yourself.

Interpretation Services In Dubai

Simultaneous Interpretation
Simultaneous interpretation is when an interpreter translates the message from the source language to the target language in real-time.
Professional Liaison Interpreting in Dubai

We offer best Liaison interpreting services in Dubai at ASLT. We provide world standard facilities to make your events successful. Contact us for more details about this service.

Consecutive Interpreting Services

During these sessions, there are pauses or breaks between sentences when each party is speaking. In other words, the interpreter listens then interprets

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

We have the high quality latest equipment related to simultaneous interpretation to rent out in Dubai. You can use this system for organizing events, seminars, conferences and meetings. 

Chuchotage Interpreting Services

AL Qais Legal Translation Dubai is offering the The Highest Quality Chuchotage Interpretation Services in Dubai. Get in touch and get more information about our facility.

Typing Services

Computer typing and documenting of content is called typing services. Typing can be of audio video documentary or PhD research work, university thesis etc.

Key features of AQLTD Professional Interpreter Services in Dubai

We are committed to providing top-notch legal translation services in Dubai and hold a legacy of high-grade performance at low rates. Don’t let the language barrier cost you a case. Language is no more a barrier. You are just a Click Away from All Types of Legal Translations in Dubai, UAE. Get an English to Arabic, Dutch to Arabic, French to Arabic, Spanish to Arabic, Russian to Arabic, Persian to Arabic, Chinese to Arabic, Turkish to Arabic, and Italian to Arabic translation in Dubai, UAE.

eing a professional team of translators based in Dubai,Alsun team includes a large number of highly trained and native translators. Each one of our translators has graduated with a degree in translation or linguistics and has many years of experience in the translation industry. All of our translators work exclusively in their own native language and relevant field of experience.

Why choose ALQLTD Interpreting services?

  • Our offices are located at easy approachable areas in Dubai
  • We are registered translation service offering interpretation in a large number of languages
  • Customers can find us through online customer service.
  • Our interpreters can provide interpretations for you through various methods like video conferencing, by a phone call, by physical appearance or through a recorded video and more. It all depends on our customers’ requirements.
  • We cover the fields for interpretation like medical, business, technical and legal
  • Furthermore, the interpretations we provide to our clients are best in quality with reasonable price as compared to other service providers