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We are providing Korean Legal Translation In Dubai with prompt services in affordable rates in all sectors and documents. At Al-Qais Translation Services, we offer Korean translation services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and every other city in the United Arab Emirates. Because Al-Qais translates Korean in Dubai, and he does it very well. UAE is home to a large number of foreigners. Because there are so many people from other countries living and working here in major industries. So there is a lot of demand for high-quality, professional translations in all major languages, including the Korean language, so that’s why. In Dubai, there is a professional translation company in Dubai. That can help you with Korean translation for any kind of content.

Korean Translation Services in Dubai, JLT, Media City, Al Barsha, UAE

Korean is the official language of both the South and the North, just like it is in the North. China also has Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture. Where it is one of the two official languages of the place where the Korean people live. This is what our company can do for you: We can translate Korean to English, Korean to Arabic, English to Korean, and Arabic to Korean. We can also do this for you. For Korean contacts and to stay ahead of your competitors, the translation of the professional record is a very important step.

Many people look for certified legal translation near them and come to us when they need Korean language translation because we are one of the best translation companies in Dubai and JLT. We are also one of the best in the business. During the last few years, Korea has become a major business center in Asia. It looks like a lot of big businesses, big IT companies, and small business owners want to move to Korea. As a language, Korean is used in both South and North Korea, and it is also used in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, which is in the same country as North Korea. People in Korea like to do business in their own language, so we get a lot of requests for the translation of all kinds of documents into Korean.

Korean translation in Dubai, UAE

In North and South Korea, Yanbian, China, and the Koryo-saram, the Korean language is spoken by 78 million people. It is not part of a family language. There is a lot of grammar in Korean that is similar to that in Turkish and Mongolian. Furthermore, Korean has a lot of words that come from Chinese. Almost half of all Korean words come from Chinese. There are a lot of Sino-Korean characters in the Korean script called Hangul. It shows that the translator must be a native Korean speaker in Dubai if they want to do Korean translation.

There are a lot of different ways we can translate Korean in general

  • Korean to English translation
  • English to Korean translation
  • Arabic to Korean translation
  • Korean to Arabic translation

Korean to Arabic Translation in Dubai

When you use Al-Qais Translation Services in the United Arab Emirates, we have all native translators who can translate from Korean to Arabic for us. In the event that you are a customer and want to know how much it will cost and when it will be done, we will give you a detailed quote. You will know the right price right away.

The cost of translating from Korean to Arabic can change based on a lot of different things. The law of supply and demand affects the price of translation, just like it does for a lot of other things, like cars and clothes. Because there are a lot of translators who can work with common language combinations, they charge less for translating than for less common language combinations. A less common language combination will cost more because there are fewer translators and they may charge more.

This is also the result of a simple market mechanism: Arabic to Korean translation costs go up if there aren’t as many translators to do it. The speed at which the Arabic-to-Korean translation needs to be done can also affect how much it costs. There is an extra charge if you need an urgent Korean translation. At ASTS-DMCC, we can also do urgent Arabic to Korean translation for you right now.