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Legal Translation Services in Dubai

Legal Translation Service in Dubai and UAE

In order to support an academic, professional, legal, or immigration application in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, or at a UAE Embassy, do you require a legal translation of your documents?

You may find hundreds of qualified, professional translators who have been officially verified by the UAE Ministry of Justice by using Translayte. Our services are simple to obtain online, delivered quickly, and accepted 100 percent of all of the time.

All UAE courts, public notaries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other Emirati government organizations recognize our legal translations. Documents can be uploaded online in Word, PDF, or image formats.

Legal Translators in Dubai

You would require a legal translation if you were to submit non-Arabic documents with an official application in the United Arab Emirates or if you intended to use a document issued by the UAE overseas.

The UAE Ministry of Justice has granted us accreditation to offer first-rate legal translation services.

The UAE Ministry of Justice, as well as national consulates and embassies, have validated our translators’ ability to provide legal translations in all major languages.

To enable our clients to use their documents for intended purposes anywhere in the world, our professionals are highly skilled in translating documents into more than 200 languages with excellent correctness, fluency, and dependability. Reviews from happy customers speak for themselves!

Our organization is among the most reputable in this region, providing top-notch Legal Translation Services in Dubai and across the globe.

Al Qais Legal Translation Dubai Meeting All of Your Translation Needs

Our group of qualified and skilled legal translators in Dubai is quite large. Expert translation services for passports and lost passport certificates, criminal clearance records, identification cards, college certificates, divorce certificates, birth certificates, immigration documentation, good conduct certificates, academic certificates, court marriage certificates, residence permits, police reports, formal reports, power of attorney, legal notices, driving licenses, and all other legal translation needs are offered by us. If you’re trying to find the most reputable legal translation agency in Dubai that offers precise and error-free legal translation services. Al Qais Legal Translation consistently fulfills its clients’ expectations.

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Legal translation involves translating important as well as confidential documents—such as court orders, warrants, office budgets, official notifications, etc.—into another language.

Regular administrative documents like firm policies, certifications, corporate statuettes, and rules and regulations may also be among them.
Legal translation, particularly from English to Arabic, includes, among other things, the translation of immigration documents, official writings, reports, hearings, and drafts of remittances.

We are aware that, when it comes to legal translations in Dubai and throughout the globe, it is critical to fully understand the setting in which our clients’ businesses are thriving since doing so will enable us to incorporate the cultural quirks of current legislation. Multiple corrections and revisions are not required because our professional translators answer to the clients’ requirements so quickly and clearly.We feel pride in the fact that we have consistently produced high-quality work. 

What are Requirements for Legal translation in Dubai, UAE

  1. The documents are issued overseas and scheduled for delivery to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or other Emirates. The document must first be attested by the UAE Embassy in the country of origin, such as the UAE Embassy in Rome for documents issued in Italy, before they may be translated. National Embassies and Consulates may also be able to testify the original documents in specific circumstances. The documents must be attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) as soon as they arrive in the country. The document is now prepared for translation and stamping by a qualified Ministry of Justice translator following these two procedures.
  2. documents addressed for another country but issued in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or other Emirates

    Before translation, the following authorities will sign and stamp the document:

    The business or individual in the UAE issuing it; the appropriate UAE legalizing authority, such as the Economic Department or the Notary Public.
    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs then attests the paper (MOFA).

    Lastly, the document will be certified by the target country’s consulate or embassy.

Where legal translations are required in Dubai, UAE

Any of the following UAE agencies and organizations will accept Legalized Translations from Al Qais Legal Translation Dubai. 

  • UAE Courts
  • Free Zones
  • Dubai Land Department
  • Roads & Transport Authority (RTA)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
  • DMCC
  • and all Emirati government offices

Universities, banks, courts, and foreign embassies situated in the United Arab Emirates recognize our legalized translations as well. Al Qais Translation can assist in producing legalized translations accepted in all nations parties to The Hague Convention as well as certified and sworn translations accepted in 56 countries (including the UK, USA, France, Germany, Canada, and Australia).

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