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To liquidate a decedent’s estate, a certified translation of a death certificate is frequently needed. You need professional Death Certificate Translations Services for official and valid translation. For a variety of reasons, including the transfer of assets and real estate, the payment of insurance benefits, making burial or cremation arrangements, etc., death certificates must be translated.

A translated document with a statement attached is referred to as a certified translation. The declaration is signed by a translator and notarized by a notary public. The declaration attests to the accuracy of the translation. For usage abroad, vital records will require an apostille or certificate of authentication.

When having your death certificate translated, our Certified Translation Services assist in removing language barriers between citizens and the government, making sure that all legal procedures can go as easily as possible. With our extensive experience, first-rate services, and ISO certification, we have strong roots in the translation sector and can meet all of your deadline requirements quickly. Read more about the importance of death certificate translation services and why you might need them.

Why do you need death certificate translation services?

An official document produced by the government is a Death Certificate. It includes some significant details about the deceased, such as the reason for death, the place and time it occurred, as well as some other private information.

Getting a death certificate is necessary for several legal reasons, despite the fact that it is frequently a terrible period. It is necessary before planning a burial or cremation, but it is also needed to access pension benefits, make a life insurance claim, request probate to handle the estate of the deceased, and even get remarried.

When a death certificate is being formally used alongside the original document, foreign authorities and organizations typically demand an Apostille Certificate. Before traveling abroad, these legal documents must be legalized, and the process is frequently time-sensitive.

Who are we?

we were founded with the goal of providing everyone with affordable access to high-quality Professional Translation Services. This is a large request because texts about just about anything may need to be translated into another language. However, we continue to expand our language translation services while adhering to our initial goal of offering quick and excellent translation for everyone.

One such document for which we have long offered language translation services is a death certificate. We became aware of the significance of death certificates and how many crucial decisions depended on them as we worked on their translation. If the original death certificate was not written in the language that the judgment in question required, decisions involving everything from inheritance disputes to life insurance payouts could be postponed.

we deal with the top qualified translation service providers and routinely receive positive comments from our translation customers. We have a sizable team of language translators who work for us, and they come from all around the world. You can expect to acquire death certificate translation services between practically any language pair because we have linguists who specialize in a wide range of language pairs.

Additionally, we have a very effective automated business flow that guarantees that each translation project is allocated to the best-qualified language translator with a competitive bid. By requesting an instant translation quote from the top menu, you may get a better sense of our translation prices.

Because of this, we can quickly prepare your death certificate for submission and deliver it to you, sometimes within 24 hours of receiving your request. We provide the assurance that every required legal procedure has been followed and that your certificate is suitable for immediate official usage.

Our translation services have a dedicated international staff of translators on hand who always translate into their native language when interpreting death certificates. By doing this, we ensure correctness, fluency, and a natural-sounding translation of your legal document. Additionally, we offer death certificate translation services that take advantage of a network of over 2,000 professional translators throughout the world. As a result, we can quickly and efficiently translate your document into over 150 different languages.

Why is a death certificate important? What does it entail?

The bereaved have a lot of duties to organize after someone passes away. Both the inheritance and the passing of the deceased must be reported to the appropriate authorities.

A death certificate confirms a person’s passing and includes details including the person’s birth name, first name, and last name in addition to the date and time of death. The certificate is kept on file at the General Register Office and provides the family with evidence of the deceased’s passing for purposes such as providing notice of termination of a tenancy arrangement or for other duties.

A death certificate is a record confirming that a person has passed away and that it has been reported. A registered office typically issues death certificates, which contain information like the deceased’s name and surname, birth date, age at death, occupation, marital status, causes of death, and place and date of death. Contrary to popular belief, death certificates are utilized in several situations, including funeral processes, dealing with inheritances, as well as happier occasions like tracing one’s family history.

A death certificate: how do I get one?

If a person passes away in their place of birth and a member of their family also resides there, a death certificate issued by the appropriate regional authority is adequate evidence to handle inheritance issues, pension funds, etc. However, if someone passes away abroad, the national language death certificate is frequently insufficient as proof of death, necessitating the need for an international death certificate or certified (sworn) translation.

For example, A copy of a death certificate can be obtained in the UK from the General Register Office online, in person, or at the regional registry where the death was registered. In Scotland, death certificates are also available from the National Records of Scotland, just as birth or marriage certificates. In Northern Ireland, death certificates can also be ordered online.

If the death happened abroad, it needs to be reported in the nation where it happened. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Overseas Registration Unit can then procure and interpret a death certificate from abroad for registration in the UK. If the death had been previously registered, copies of certificates pertaining to deaths that occurred abroad may also be received via the aforementioned sources.

Why A death certificate is necessary?

A death certificate can be helpful for several things, the most frequent of which are:

A family may require many copies of a death certificate to properly administer the decedent’s estate. For instance, every pension provider, bank, building society, and insurance provider you interact with would normally want a copy for their records.


It should go without saying that given the significance of death certificates, the accuracy of their translation is equally crucial. The necessity for a death certificate translation arises when the decedent’s estate or assets are dispersed among several nations with distinct official languages from the language required to complete the essential legal processes before and following the funeral. Hence, we are here to help you during such times of grievance so you can spend more time with your loved one rather than spending it in offices and filling out forms.

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