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It is typically essential to complete the formal requirements to get a certificate of separation when a relationship ends legally. This will demonstrate that you are no longer engaged in a legal partnership and will call for a translation of the divorce judgment. The laws of some nations may demand evidence of your divorce and related legal documents. Al Qais Legal Translation specialized in Divorce Certificate Translations Services.

A translated document with a statement attached is referred to as a certified translation. The declaration is signed by a translator and notarized by a notary public. The declaration attests to the accuracy of the translation. For usage abroad, vital records will require an apostille or certificate of authentication.

A divorce certificate is a necessary personal document for a variety of reasons, including:

Several authorities demand certified translations of divorce certificates to confirm that marriage has followed the correct legal procedures to end. For remarriage or immigration, divorced people may be required to present proof of their divorce to immigration authorities, foreign administration offices, and civil registers.

Why is a Translation of a Divorce Decree required?

The unfortunate recipients of divorce certificates toss them away because they want to never have to see them again. Divorce certificates are life-changing documents. We are aware of your suffering and plight. We also apologize deeply for your suffering, heartache, and loss. The unfortunate reality is that paper was required for a reason, nevertheless. Similar to your birth certificate or marriage certificate, this is a significant document that you will carry with you wherever you go. However, unlike your birth certificate, which makes you joyful, this one makes you search for Kleenex.

A divorce decree is written in many different languages, writing styles, and religious contexts that are taken into consideration when managing the document. Any and all marriage contracts have religious ramifications, and it takes religiously inspired procedures to annul the partnership. As a result, we have seen very different approaches to this problem in very different geographic contexts.

But in order for you to demonstrate proof of previous marriages and your current marital status, all significant papers will be required. Do you need to unearth that tragic reminder to give the immigration office the divorce decree and its translation? Do not worry; we have the greatest translation team who will create the translation while keeping in mind the target immigration office. This is required since each immigration office has distinct requirements that can only be satisfied by planning the translation in accordance with the guidelines they have established.

You can trust us to provide an exact translation of the decree that the immigration office will accept and clear, and you’ll find our certified translation services for immigration to be quite cost-effective.

Why are we the best option for Divorce Certificate Translation?

All of the translation experts in our sizable global network have a minimum of five years of professional experience in their specialized professions. Our network is international; therefore, we can translate your divorce decree into over 150 languages from anywhere in the world by making sure that the translator working on your project is a native speaker of the language being translated into. We can ensure a natural-sounding and professionally developed translation of your original work by allocating a native speaker and experienced translator with years of prior experience, who has complete awareness of all the technical terminology and formatting demands.

Your translation and language demands will be addressed with ease and professionalism if you let our services lead you through the process step by step. A divorce certificate sometimes referred to as a decree absolute, is a crucial Legal Document that’s regarded as the last step in formally ending a marriage and demonstrating that one has been declared null and void.

Your divorce certificate is still crucial. You may be required to provide your divorce decree in a few situations, including when you apply for a visa, try to buy a home, change your name by deed poll, or even try to get remarried. According to government regulations, you must have legal divorce papers for all of these occurrences.

What is a Divorce Decree?

Another crucial legal document involved in the divorce process that must be included in the divorce file is the divorce decree. It differs slightly from a divorce certificate in that it also includes information on the divorce judgment, such as—but not exclusively—details about child custody arrangements, property splits, and alimony repayments and information. It will likely be stamped by a judge, have a court case number, and be signed by the judge so that it can be filed with your divorce papers.

Translation Of a Certified Divorce

Our thorough certification procedure and our committed team of qualified translators are two of the most advantageous and alluring features of our divorce certificate translation services. All of our legal documents are certified by us, providing you the assurance that they are true and will be recognized by authorities both inside and outside the UAE.

A translation must be certified to confirm its quality and correctness and to give you and the people to you submit it to prove that it was translated accurately and professionally.

Depending on the nation in which you plan to use your certificate, the certification procedure may change for instance, in order to make a notarized translation that will need to be further legalized by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, you may need a standard certification or certification from a notary public. But don’t worry, we provide a free consultation to make sure we meet all of your translation demands and can advise you on whether a notary public is necessary or not.

Even if you don’t speak the target language, you can rely on our agency to deliver an exact translation that has been expertly translated by top industry professionals. You can prevent any potential delays or legal costs by getting a certified translation that has been signed and stamped by us instead of relying on an incomplete or subpar translation of your divorce decree.

Whatever the reason for requesting a divorce certificate translation services, its accuracy is crucial to maintaining the legitimacy of your legal document and removing any uncertainty when submitting your documents for whatever purpose, allowing the process to run smoothly and effectively. This is particularly helpful if your divorce decree is not in your native language.

Those with little experience in the industry may find it difficult to understand exactly what has to be done in order to have your divorce certificate translated. To ensure that our rapid service meets your expectations for your project, our Translation services will walk you through every step of having your certificate translated. We are here to provide you with a true and exact representation of all your original documentation and to make sure that our committed group of accomplished translators gets your document certified for usage in official contexts.

Every day, we confirm and provide Divorce Certificate Translations Services that are sent to and approved by the Immigration Office, Home Office, Passport Office, Courts, as well as several governmental entities abroad.

When you require divorce certification translation or certification, we are available around the clock. Our native speakers have sworn translators who are well-versed in the legal system of your particular nation. Your divorce certificate’s acceptance by the appropriate authorities is assured by this certified translation.

A Divorce Certificate Translation for Guaranteed Mobility

There has never been a more interconnected planet. People are moving overseas in today’s world at various phases of their lives. Individuals going through a divorce or seeking remarriage no longer have to be concerned about the difficult administrative procedures that go along with these events thanks to our translations of divorce certificates.

Guaranteed Acceptance by USCIS

Our native speakers use their legal expertise and official credentials to translate divorce judgments into languages that the USCIS will accept. We provide the services you want if you need to translate your divorce decree into English for immigration or remarriage reasons.

Accepting Rush and Urgent Orders

Our linguists are available around-the-clock to handle your most pressing demands. Therefore, we will provide you with a quick divorce certificate translation at any time of the day.


To help you move on without worrying about the cost, we provide professional divorce certificate translation services at an affordable price.

Translations of Divorce Decrees by Native Lawyer Linguists

To ensure that the divorce decree translation complies with the terminological standards of your target country, our linguists are experts in the legal sector.

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