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With Al QAIS LEGAL TRANSLATION IN UAE, you can elevate the quality of your legal documentation

to an unprecedented level and approved by Dubai officials and government organizations in another language and be legally binding. For all of your translation needs in UAE and around the globe, AQTS is a one-stop shop. With 10 years of expertise under our belt and services available in 200 languages worldwide, we believe we are qualified to provide the best Legal translation in Dubai at the most competitive costs!

We are providing 100% certfied legal translation.


Meet your most challenging task in qucik turnaround.


100% Accuarte Document translation.

Break the 200+ Language Barrier with Al Qais Legal Translation in Dubai

Al-Qais Legal Translation is a leading company in Dubai that provides all types of interpretation services & translation in any language by native and professional translators. We are an accredited and certified legal translation company recognized by the UAE Ministry of Justice and the United Arab Emirates Government. We have experienced legal translators in Dubai who will professionally and reliably translate all of your legal documents with a 100% guarantee and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, in the world of Artificial Intelligence quality of text has been compromised. We are providing high quality human translated documents so that the desired audience can easily be communicated.


Translation Services Customized for Your Business Needs

We have an expert team to fulfill your unique needs at Al Qais Legal Translation. To all business, professional, and consumer travelers, we provide a guarantee that our products are of high quality with precision.

A good professional translating company operates more than just a support service in a town such as Dubai. In addition, we promote global trading, enhance mutual comprehension, and support profitable deals. Irrespective of what your origin is or reason for doing so, our translation services destroy the language and cultural boundary making many chances on the same globe available. Thanks to Al Qais Legal Translation, the language will never stop you from achieving international success and understanding in communicating your messages.

Legal Translation in UAE:

Our expert legal translators ensure the utmost precision in translating legal documents, making your legal communication globally comprehensible and legally compliant.

Translation Company in Dubai

As a premier translation company, we provide high-quality, tailor-made translation solutions that are crafted to meet your specific business requirements.

Interpretation Services in Dubai

Our interpreters bridge communication gaps in various sectors with utmost accuracy, ensuring that your messages are conveyed faithfully across languages.

Certified Translation in Dubai

Our accredited translations meet the highest standards of quality and legality, making them universally accepted for corporate, legal, or personal purposes. Rely on our certified translations for absolute precision.

Driving License Translation in Dubai

We offer certified translation for driving licenses, ensuring legal compliance and international recognition. Drive confidently in foreign lands with our accurate translations.

Translation Services in Dubai

We offer comprehensive translation services to meet a wide range of business requirements. Our professional translators provide precise and culturally sensitive translations to support your global communication needs.

World Transformation through Professional Translation Services

Al Qais Legal Translation in Dubai is changing the industry by responding to the increasing demand for linguistic services. Our company provides various types of services that make it easy to communicate in a modern society. This is what differentiates us from other industry players as we are dedicated to providing quality and precise translations. We deal in many areas and offer you specific linguistic assistance on the grounds of your individual requirements.

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Our Working Process

Making Your Business Easier to Understand: Professional Translation Services for All Industries

Select language

Choose the service you need, specify length, languages, upload files, choose options, and include any additional notes.

Assign to Translator

Your job is assigned to a professional translator who is a native speaker with extensive domain experience in your subject.


you document get double checked to ensure more accuracy and flawless work process to maintain our name in the market of translation.

Your order Delivered

You receive your requested translation on or before the deadline, and have the opportunity to double check and request changes.


Delivering Certified Translations in UAE

Because of our experience in the Dubai market, we know how essential is certificate translation, especially for official documents. We are an accredited translation company hence our work is reliable and genuine. The safety and quality of all such translations are guaranteed. They can be securely delivered to you in a short period without any hassles. For your translation needs, look no further than the professionalism of Al Qais legal translation services in Dubai.


Our business-oriented translation can meet the requirements of different levels — from everyday communication up through official use. Our company has a group of professionals, well versed in different languages and fluent in the business of translation. We ensure quality, convenience, and dependability which makes us the top preference of business translation services in Dubai.


Effective communication and cross-cultural understanding are crucial in the global commercial hub of Dubai, which attracts companies from all over the globe. Through its services, Al Qais Legal Translation, one of the most prominent translation companies helps overcome language and cultural barriers that businesses and people encounter.

Facilitating International Business Transactions

  • International business is a usual undertaking in Dubai. As an anchor, Al Qais Legal provides a communication platform for people of different linguistics.
  • It is our professional translation services that enable companies to deal with difficult agreements, deals, or negotiations and develop a good working relationship with other nations successfully.

Enhancing Cultural Integration for Residents

  • As a multi-cultural place where many people come to live Dubai is a real melting pot. Smooth interaction in ordinary life – from visits to the doctor to legal consultations, is the necessary basis of a peaceful existence for residents.
  • We help immigrants in learning local languages like understanding local laws or talking to the neighbors. This helps them to be absorbed into the city’s diverse fabric of culture.

Supporting the Tourism Industry

  • Dubai is a popular tourist area attracting people from all over the world. Al Qais Legal Translation allows tourists to move freely across the town because it provides multilingual assistance.
  • That way, tourists will discover what they are expected to see in terms of tourist attractions as well as enjoy the different specialties that are there when it comes to food. Again, it will also be possible for them to interact with the people.

Language and Culture Barriers

  • At the core of Al Qais Legal Translation’s work is removing barriers between languages and cultures, making available opportunities for companies, homeowners, and visitors to Dubai.
  • We offer a range of translation services including legal, medical, technical, and document translations with high accuracy and cultural attention.


Today people are more interconnected than ever before. A multilingual capability is one of the most effective ways of overcoming linguistic obstacles, promoting understanding, and paving the way for new opportunities. Multilingual proficiency is a transformer as per AQLT Legal Translation in Dubai. Beyond word translation, our approach goes into the depths of language, where cultural undertones, sayings, and situational sensibilities exist. This understanding of ours makes it possible for the production of accurate and culturally sound translations.
  • Bridging Cultural Divides: We realize the cultural aspects of languages thus your message will have an amazing impact.
  • Contextual Precision: The meaning of the words is what we capture, we retain sentiments not just word-by-word precision.
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Some of the most prominent organizations and businesses are among our clients. Our global network of individuals specializing in every field allows us to take advantage of time zone differences and effectively handle projects throughout the day.

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Excellent service, within agreed time frame they translate document from French to Arabic. Thank you Ms. Merry for the responsible work.


Miley Houdson

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Excellent and professional translation services at reasonable cost. Very recommended!! Thank you guys for the prompt service.


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The best decision I have made in recent to go ahead with AL Qais legal translation Dubai..They were quick to contact, understand the requirement and provide a solution..They also managed to stick to the deadline and went beyond the call of duty to give services..Highly recommended…


James Scott


I highly recommend this translation center for their outstanding work and exceptional customer service. The response of the employees was very prompt and positive specially Mr irfan mohsin. They exceeded my expectations in every way and I will definitely be using their services again in the future.


Miley Houdson

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