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The Best Legal Translation in Dubai and UAE

If you are searching best legal translation services in dubai, stop looking for more. Al Qais legal translation dubai’s devoted team specialized in offering certified, legal translation services in dubai that meet your specific needs. Whether you need legal documents, contracts, or other official materials translated.

We make sure the accuracy, precision, and confidentiality throughout the procedure. Our experienced translators are competent in legal terminology. They are committed to delivering high-quality document translation in dubai that meet legal standards. With our reliable services, you can confidently operate language hurdles in the legal landscape.

Despite our commitment to quality, we also offer cheapest services of legal translation in UAE and Dubai. These services make us one of the most cost effective options in the market. Trust us for all your legal translation in Dubai. Trust our experience with constant communication across languages while maintaining the reliability of your legal documents.

Advantages of Certified Translations in Dubai

Legal Validity

Certified translations in Dubai hold legal validity by making sure that the translated documents are recognized by authorities of the state, courts, and administrative institutions.


Certified translations come with the stamp of a honorable translation agency by increasing the credibility and reliability of the translated material.

Official Documentation

Many official procedures such as visa applications, legal contracts, academic submissions, and more required certified translations to make sure that the information given is correct and clear.

Peace of Mind

By opting for certified translations individuals and businesses receive peace of mind knowing that their translated documents are in line with legal and industry standards.

Avoid Rejection

Official bodies often reject documents with insufficient or unauthorized translations. Certified translations help avoid such rejections, saving time and avoiding worries.


Certified translations guarantee authenticity and clarity in transferring the content of the original document and removing the risk of misinterpretation.

International Recognition

Certified translations are recognized internationally by making them suitable for different intents like immigration, education, business transactions, and legal proceedings across borders.


Certified translations attach to specific standards and guidelines by making sure that they meet the requirements set by officials and regulatory authorities.

Clear Communication

Certified translations make sure that the deliberate message is transfered clearly and accurately in the desired language by connecting language gaps effectively.

Professional Expertise

Certified translations are carried out by experienced translators who specialize in special fields guaranteeing a high level of professional expertise in translating technical or legal content correctly.

Legal Translation, Interpretation and Transcription Services in Dubai

Al Qais Legal Translation stands as your premier choice in Dubai for impeccable legal translation services. Our adept linguists are well-versed in diverse legal domains, ensuring accurate and reliable translations for all your documents. Additionally, our interpretation services provide seamless communication during legal proceedings, bridging language gaps effectively. If you require precise documentation, our transcription services guarantee meticulous transcriptions of audio and video materials. With Al Qais Legal Translation, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of language solutions, upheld by our commitment to excellence and professionalism in every aspect of our services.

Customer First

At AQTS, our commitment to perfection begins with prioritizing our customers. With a customer-first approach, we modify our services to your specific requirments, making sure your satisfaction. Trust AQTS for personalized solutions, dedicated support, and a effortless experience that always keeps your needs at the forefront.

Diverse Language Support

AQTS specializes in different language support, connecting you with a worldwide audience efficiently. Our expert services, from translations to interpretations make sure smooth cross-cultural communication. Trust AQTS to break language barriers and promote important connections worldwide.

Elevate Communication with Exceptional Translation Services in Dubai

In the busy global hub of Dubai the accurate and trustworthy communication holds the key to success across different languages landscape. Our translation company in dubai stand as a landmark of linguistic excellence by making sure that your messages overcome the language barriers with accuracy and authenticity. AQTS is top of the list in translation companies in dubai

AQTS as a premier translation agency in Dubai, we pride ourselves on providing unique translation solutions. Our experienced interpreters, qualified with deep cultural understandings, guarantee that your content not only maintain its intended meaning but also encounters with the target audience’s cultural shades.

At our translation center in Dubai, privacy and regularity are the first priority. With specific attention to detail, we offer more than just translation we offer a complete suite of services, including digital media translation and interpretation, to facilitate persistent cross-cultural interactions.

Al Qais Translation office Dubai understand the importance of cost-effectiveness, and our translation services in Dubai are economically priced without compromising on quality. Translation Services Dubai Price make sure that you receive sensational value for your investment.

In the ever-connected global landscape, our translation services in Dubai open doors to new opportunities. Either it’s personal documents or business communications, our expert translators make sure that your message holds its importance and effect, despite of the language spoken.
To start a journey of life-changing communication with our exceptional dubai translation services. Experience the power of words exceeding linguistic boundaries and raising meaningful connections in a diverse world.

Professional Translation Company in Dubai

Al Qais Legal Translation stands as your premier choice in Dubai for perfect legal translation services. Our expert translators are competent in different legal fields. They make sure to give accurate and trustworthy translations for all your documents. Moreover, our interpretation services offer flawless communication during legal proceedings, connecting language gaps effectively. If you require accurate documentation our transcription services assure well-arranged transcriptions of audio and video data. With Al Qais Legal Translation you can get access to a comprehensive group of language solutions. This confirms our commitment to perfection and skillfulness in every feature of our services.

The Greatest Legal Translation Services in Dubai by AQTS

What We Do?

Document Typing

Efficient and Reliable Document Typing Services with Our Professional Typing Assistance. Contact Us Today!

Proofreading And Editing

Reach out us for writing expert support to upgrade your Content with Our Proofreading and Editing Services.

Content and Blogs Writing

Unlock the Power of Words with Our Content and Blog Writing Services. Enhance Your Online Presence and interested Readers.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Get in Touch to allow Fluent Multi-language experiences and flawless Communication through Simultaneous Interpretation Services.

Consecutive Interpretation

Contact Us for Consecutive Interpretation Services to Facilitate Clear and Accurate Communication for Meetings, Interviews, and Small Gatherings.

General Legal Translation

Connect with Us for Accurate and Reliable General Legal Translation Services by Maintaining Legal perfection and accuracy Across Languages.

Certified Legal Translation Services

We Provide Trusted Certified Legal Translation Services by Making Sure Exact and Official Translations for Legal Documents.

Canadian Immigration Translation

Contact Us for Specialized Canadian Immigration Translation with ours Experts for Visa Applications, Documents, and Immigration Procedures.

Marriage Certificates Translation

We are here to provide Precise and Certified Marriage certificate translation Services by Our Professional Translators.

Legal Translation Services Abu Dhabi as Your Trusted Partner for Accurate Translations

When it comes to legal problems, accuracy in communication is non-negotiable. As the leading provider of legal translation servicesin Abu Dhabi, we understand the critical importance of accuracy in translating legal documents. If you're looking for legal translation Abu Dhabi near me, our easily accessible location makes sure that you have a trustworthy resource at your doorstep.

Comprehensive Legal Translation Abu Dhabi

Our commitment extends beyond simple translation, we give a comprehensive legal translation service in Abu Dhabi that covers a different range of legal documents and materials. With an complete understanding of both legal terminology and cultural shades, we make sure that your documents are not only translated faithfully but also fitted to suit the legal context.

Beyond Legal Matters All-encompassing Translation Services in Abu Dhabi

Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, our services enclose more than just legal translations. Either you need general translation in Abu Dhabi or specialized services across industries, we have a team of expert translators ready to meet your different communication requirements. In a multicultural city like Abu Dhabi, effective communication is main and we make sure your message reaches its targeted audience correctly.

Confidentiality, Quality, and Timeliness

At our respected translation center, we uphold the highest standards of privacy, making sure the privacy of your sensitive legal information. Furthermore, quality and timely delivery are our trademark. Our precise review process guarantees accuracy and dedication to legal standards, cementing our reputation as a trusted choice for legal translation service in Abu Dhabi. For accurate and trustworthy legal translations, AQTS as your dedicated partner in Abu Dhabi. Our translation services provide to your legal and communication requirments with accuracy, making sure that your documents maintain their legal importance while reaching the required audience effectively.

Language Services for Your Industry

Financial Translation Services – Banking Industry

We offers Financial Translation services for Banking industry and skilful answers for accuracy and clarity. Our skilled team guarantees accurate translations of financial reports, agreements, and more. Navigate global finance with confidence, helped by our precise language expertise. Your banking translation needs, perfectly met.

Healthcare Translation Services

We provide top-class Healthcare Translation Services that decrease medical communication gaps. Our expert translator and medical professionals make sure the accurate, confidential translations of medical documents, patient materials, and more. Clear communication, cultural sensitivity, and on-time delivery increase healthcare access today.

E-commerce Translation Services to Take Your Business Global

Expand your business worldwide with E-Commerce Translation services effortlessly. Our services offer continuous translation of product listings, websites, and content. Capture different markets accurately, decrease language difficulties, and promote sales. Your pathway to worldwide success starts here.

Video Game Localization Services

Maximize player engagement with our specialized video game localization solutions. Our experts offer amazing translation of in-game text, audio, and graphics. Engage players in culturally arranged content, maintaining the game's nature across languages.

Public Sector Translation Services

Trust our specialized translation services to increase the clarity and availability in the public sector. Our expert translators provide accurate translations for government documents, policies, and public communications. Decreasing language gaps by making sure the clear understanding across different audiences.

Retail Translation Services and E-Shop Localization

Enhance your retail business with our expert translation and localization services. Our qualified team makes sure accurate translation of product descriptions, marketing content, and e-shop elements. customize your online presence to different audiences, building customer trust and engagement.

Technical Translation Services for the Manufacturing Industry

Power your manufacturing operations with our specialized technical translation solutions. Our experts provide accurate translations of manuals, specifications, and technical documents. Make sure the flawless understanding across languages, optimizing production and collaboration.

Travel Translation Services and Tourism Translations

Enhance the travel experience with our expert travel translation and tourism solutions. Our skilled team make sure the accurate translation of travel guides, websites, and promotional materials. Capture the essence of destinations, appealing to diverse travelers.

Software Localization Services and Patent Translations

your tech innovation with our specialized software localization and patent translation solutions. Our experts provide accurate translation of software interfaces, user manuals, and patent documents. Modify your software for different markets while safeguarding intellectual property.

Expert Legal Translation Services Sharjah by AQTS

When it comes to exact and trustworthy legal translation services Sharjah, AQTS is your trusted solution. With a amazing track record, AQTS specializes in offering best quality legal translation services in Sharjah. Our team of skilled translators understands the complex nature of legal terminology by making sure that your documents maintain their aimed meaning and legal importance. Either you need contracts, agreements, or other legal materials translated, AQTS is here to provide extraordinary results. Rely on AQTS for exact and professional legal translation services Sharjah that supply to your specific needs.




I needed assistance with a legal matter and called upon Al Qais Legal Translation in Dubai for assistance. They were very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. I received the best advice in a timely manner and felt as though I got the best service that money can buy. Thank you again for your help!



I run a small service provider in Dubai and would like to thank Al Qais Legal Translation for all the help they have provided in the past year. They are always readily available on short notice, offer the best translation services in town, and are very quick to respond to any requests I have.



I am so glad I found Al Qais Legal Translation in Dubai. For a while I was using another translation service but they were too expensive and didn’t have the same level of customer service. Al Qais is the best legal translation service in Dubai and helped me with a lot of my legal needs and saved me a ton of time.


You can translate a legal document using your language skills and legal knowledge but for official use it is advisable to engage a professional legal translator.

Legal translations in Dubai, are required in various settings, and Al Qais Translation is capable of providing legalized translations accepted by numerous agencies and organizations. These include UAE Courts, Free Zones, Dubai Land Department, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), DMCC, and all Emirati government offices.

Either you need a notary and an accredited translation agency depends on the specific requirements of the country and institution you are dealing with. Notaries are sometimes involved to check the authenticity of the translation and the signatures. An accredited translation agency gives certified and accurate translations. The procedure involves translating the documenth aving it reviewed and certified by a professional translator and then notarized if need.

Legal contracts, patents, immigration documents, court judgments, regulatory documents, intellectual property documents, and many more may need technical translation services due to their difficult legal and technical terminology.

Online translators like Google Translate can give hard translations, but they are not suggested for legal documents due to possible errors. For legal documents, human professional translators are selected.

Documents like contracts, agreements, immigration papers, court documents, and business licenses may need legal translation in Dubai.

Certified translation: A translation attached by a signed statement from the translator or translation agency confirming the accuracy of the translation.

 Notarized translation: A certified translation that has been notarized by a notary public confirming the authenticity of the translator’s signature.

Sworn translation: In some countries a sworn translator is an individual authorized by the government to give official translations. A sworn translator’s signature holds legal weight.

The cost differs based on language pair, complexity, urgency, and other factors. It can range from a few cents to a few dollars per word.

Translation costs can differ widely in Dubai as well. It depends on factors like the language pair, the type of document, and the translation provider.

Legal document translation involves converting the content correctly while saving the legal terminology and structure. It is best done by a professional with legal and language expertise.

The cost is different depending on the translator’s experience, the language pair, and the type of document.