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Fast, flawless and friendly language services for businesses of all sizes

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Legal Translation Dubai

Legal Translation Dubai, provided by Al-Qais Legal Translation Dubai offer a team of highly qualified native-speaking men and women who deliver accuracy and respect strict confidentiality in their work. Whether you need a legal translation for an official document, a legal contract, evidence document, financial statement, deposition, patent, litigation materials, letters, or other documents, our certified language legal translation professionals can complete it for you quickly and accurately. The recent growth of international trade has increased the demand for legal translation services worldwide. Yet, legal translation in UAE in the legal field calls for experienced professionals who have a great understanding of the legal translation processes in the country involved. They also must have the cultural background to explain these procedures and content in the target language to for providing legal translation Dubai.

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We offer legal translation services Dubai in 150+ languages and we do provide complete client satisfaction with affordable rates and high quality translation.

Legal translation Services and court interpreter services are what we do. Our Legal translators from Al-Qais Translations offer document translation services. Only native speakers are used to deliver to you the highest quality in document translation services. Arabic translations, Russian translation, English translation, German translation and the French translation are what we do best. In addition to technical translation, contract translation and medical translation services are also rendered exceeding industry standards in quality, thoroughness, and accuracy.

Our Quality Commitment
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Translation Services

The need for translation services has grown in Dubai, and the translation sector has become one of the most profitable in the city. If you are unsure about the meaning of a legal document, you can request an informal translation based on local standards.


Interpretation Services

Every year, Dubai hosts a slew of business and other conferences from all walks of life. People from many nations and languages attend these conferences in order to get a better grasp of their respective disciplines.


Attestation Services

In Dubai, there are a number of translation offices that offer document attestation services. However, you should select Translation Office in Dubai since we have qualified specialists that can certify your documents.


Driving License

Are you planning a trip to the UAE for vacation, work, or another reason? Dubai Driver’s License Translation If you answered yes, you must convert your driver’s licence into Arabic, in order to drive in Dubai.

Certified Translation in Dubai

Certified translation services in Dubai is a legal record. Your request for certified translation should indicate special requirements and place of filing. Governmental offices, organizations and agencies, many NGOs and transcontinental companies, including private universities, – require a certified translation. Native bilingual speakers in Arabic, Russian, German, English, French, Japanese and many other languages are ready to provide a legal translation of your documents following strictest professional quality standards. We are regularly asked for “certified”, “official” or “legal translation Dubai” or “sworn” translations. For many individuals requesting the service, it is the first time that they have come across these terms and, as such, need to more fully understand what is being requested of them. As a starter, you should always ensure that you verify the type of legalization required for your translated documents prior to authorizing the work. This is because the level of legalization varies depending on the nature of the document and the purpose for which it is being translated and legalized. Simply put, a certified translation is the translation of a document which is typically required for official use by a non-governmental organization. These translations are usually required to be certified by institutions such as universities, schools, insurance providers or potential employers.

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Our Valued Clients

Legal Document Translation Services

Our global team’s extensive global experience means we can provide document translation services in many fields: Medical and Pharmaceutical, Legal, Financial, Marketing, Technological and Governmental. Your translation challenges in our capable hands will become qualified triumphs. Court interpreters translate legal proceedings in real time for those appearing in court who don’t happen to speak the language of the court. These interpreting services must be impartial, accurate and proficient.

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Why choose Al-Qais Legal Translation Dubai?

We are a network of professional translators working in document translation from and to most European and Asian languages. Our strength and experience are in translating in the medical, legal, financial, and technical fields and more. In addition to document translation, we offer legal translation in Dubai, services in interpretation, when we do document translation, we use only high-quality work by native-speaking experts. Our professionalism guarantees that we can handle any of your specific requirements and meet all deadlines.

Value-added Translation

Our translations are completed by a team of qualified legal translators, who are then edited by professionals.

Quick Turnaround

Our network of legal translators in Dubai enables us to deliver well-translated papers ahead of schedule.

24/7 Support

In Dubai, we have a staff of dedicated and experienced legal translators and account managers on hand at all times.

Legal Specialization

Our legal translators in Dubai are native English speakers with extensive knowledge in the legal field.

Technical Translation services Dubai


Technical translation dubai is best done by those with a mastery of manual skills, technological theory and application, and linguistic expertise. From heavy equipment technology to refined legal documents, from urgent medical records to annual financial statements, technical translation services require professional experience, bilingual comprehension, and close attention to details. Legal translation Dubai is also classified as a technical translation. We promise we will put forth our best effort to deserve your trust and future business. After we have fully understood your technical requirements and reviewed your text, we will work with dedication to achieve accuracy and meet all deadlines.

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Language Barriers

Overcome the Language Barrier with Multilingual Translation Services, We provide legal and certified translations in Dubai in 150+ languages. Of them all, there are 10 languages that are high on demand, going by the frequency of client requests. Below are a few of the many languages we provide certified legal translations in Dubai for. Overcome the Language Barrier with Multilingual Translation Services, We provide legal and certified translations in Dubai in 150+ languages.


Your prompt and courteous customer service is really appreciated. The attention to detail and professionalism with which you handled translation were amazing.

Harry Smith

I live in the Greens Community, and it was incredibly simple. I simply submitted my documents, and they were translated and sent to my door. Thank you very much!

John Doe

I was in the middle of a court struggle and need the translation of a witness statement. On short notice, they delivered what they promised. Highly recommended.

Victoria Gilmore, Your Content Goes Here

For my immigration process, I required some personal documents translated. I like how straightforward it is, and I was able to have the translated paperwork sent to my door.

Hassan Al Karimi