Driving license translation in Dubai

Driving license-holders of several countries need only driving license translation in Dubai to get a UAE Driving license. Simply send us a copy of your driving license at info@legaltranslationinuae.ae together with a copy of your ID (for example spelling refer ) and get the translation within 2-3 hours.

It is a time to observe as soon as you get a UAE driving license as it’s among the surface of the to-do list for many of the ex-pats who arrive in the UAE for a long-term stay. The purpose of the stay might be company setup, a job, or any other activity which enables you to get residential status.

A number of those license holders say it’s not under a post-graduate level which allowed them to catch a reasonable job. Others assert that obtaining a license here in Dubai is more than an award-winning that helped them to switch their job with a better salary package along with a sound career beginning. Aside from the employees, indeed, everyone needs a license to drive their vehicle.

Fast Driving License Translation in Dubai

As everyone knows that Dubai is a company hub of the world and famous for its standing being a paradise of their tourists, for job seekers who have particular skills in their area of experience or profession and great location to start a company due to its business-friendly policies and easy to establish business set up so people from all around the world hurry towards UAE. The vast majority of the ex-pats belong to India, Pakistan, the Philippines, and European countries.

driving license translation in dubai

In certain Asian countries, it is common to violate traffic rules. Folks are not well aware of traffic flaws or habitual to follow the driving rules though carry years of driving experience in their countries so have to go through a particular process of training and passing different tests to get a driving license in Dubai. UAE facilitates people by offering much different transportation that includes taxi, metro, buses, and tram to get the people to reach their preferred destination, societal requirements and notably to any location in UAE yet it is great to drive your vehicle anywhere and anytime but the majority of those ex-pats have to pass a driving test.

To find this chance, you need to register in any licensed driving institute. If you don’t have any previous driving experience or hold a driving license issued by the country (countries that are not contained in the RTA list), then you need to undergo coaching. Steps for your trainees include opening this RTA file in authorized forcing schools by submitting your passport copy together with the first with VISA postage, NOC in the employer, and pictures. Eye evaluation is the first practical step with an optician or out of your own school. Additionally, it has theory and road tests before you’re being given the license.

Driving License Translation in Dubai in 150+ countries


Apparently, it seems hectic, time, and money-consuming especially for those who go with quite a daily tight agenda but there is a big number of nations whose license holders may exchange their license with a UAE driving license without undergoing the tests or taking training classes. They just need a translation of a driving license in Dubai. These states include the United Kingdom,
United States of America, Poland, South Korea, France, Italy, Japan, Germany, Belgium, Netherland, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Austria, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Finland, South Africa, Australia, Romania, New Zealand, Norway, Turkey, Canada, Denmark, and Greece,

Al Qais Translation providers ease such ex-pats who require driving license translation in Dubai by providing them comprehensive information on legal translation Dubai matters and also required Arabic or English translation to be filed into RTA Dubai. We provide translation services for driving license in 2-3 hours and 24/7 accessible to help you convert your driving license to a UAE driving license.

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