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Legal Translation Services in Dubai

Legal Translation Services in Dubai

Al-Qais Translations specializes in providing high-quality professional translation services in Dubai for solicitors and corporate clients. Our translation solutions include Legal Translation Services in Dubai:

  •  Certified translation
    •    Official translation

Whether it is contracts, insurance policies, or immigration documents, our translation company in Dubai offers you specialized knowledge and confidentiality for any type of legal translation.

Legal Documents Translation

Al-Qais Translations is the UAE’s leading provider of legal translation services to law firms and attorneys and government bodies in the UAE and abroad. Our global network of legal translators covers more than 100 languages. Whether you need legal translations in New York or in Tokyo, we have the capability to provide you a highly qualified, native speaker translator for Legal Translation Services in Dubai.

Legal Translation Services in Dubai

Legal Translation Services in Dubai


Al-Qais Translations has experience in dealing with all aspects of legal translation. We translate any type of legal document including:

* Contracts * Powers of Attorney
* Insurance Policies * Deeds & Wills
* Immigration Documents * Witness Statements
* Articles of Association * Laws & Codes of Practice

Contact us for specific requirements.

Certified Translation


Al-Qais Translations legal translations are accepted by immigration offices, government agencies, consulates, embassies, and courts around the world. Whether you require the translation of marriage certificates, academic degrees, contracts, or passports, we can guarantee correctness and reliability. Our translation agency in Dubai also provides top-quality certified and official translations at affordable prices. All documents received and translated remain confidential.

Legal Translation Expertise

Getting legal translations wrong could be fatal. To get them right, the translators require an in-depth knowledge of Comparative Law systems which helps to comprehend basic legal terms and structures in an international context.

Our translation company uses just professional translators who only translate into their mother tongue and have a solid knowledge of the legal terminology, specific legal systems, and comparative law. Al-Qais Translations legal translators have a comprehensive understanding of the local legal systems as well are both, source and target languages. Legal Translation Services in Dubai

We have specialists in sub-areas within the legal sector; that is why we are able to offer professional translation services in Commercial Law, International Law, Insurance Law, etc. Legal Translation Services in Dubai

Legal Translation Services in Dubai

If you are looking for legal translation services in Dubai, we have the right solution. We have years of experience delivering top-class legal translations for business and city law firms. Our local knowledge of legal issues and the high standard of our services led us to become a leading Dubai translation agency that is renowned for its professionalism, attention to detail, and fast turnaround. Our team is well aware of the needs of clients requiring legal translations in Dubai.

Legal Translation Services in the USA

Al-Qais Translations provides legal document translation for government entities, law firms, and various companies in the USA. Our legal translators possess great knowledge of the American legal system and keep themselves abreast of legal issues to deliver flawless legal translations.

In addition to our legal translation services, we offer professional court interpreting services and legal transcription services.

Multilingual Legal Translation Services

We provide multilingual legal translation services in over 100 languages including:

  • French Legal Translation Services
    • Japanese Legal Translation Services
    • Arabic Legal Translation Services
    • Chinese Legal Translation Services

To learn more about our legal translation services or for any other inquiries, please call our Dubai office on +971521262972 from the UAE and on +971521262972 from the JLT. Alternatively, you can get a quick translation quote.

Quality Legal translation in Dubai has been in vogue for a long time and is becoming increasingly popular. Dubai’s law courts use the latest technologies and software to translate legal documents from English to Arabic, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and other languages. A Dubai legal translation company offers a fast and accurate translation of legal documents and can provide multiple languages at a low cost of Legal Translation Services in Dubait.

The demand for legal translation services in Dubai has increased and the translation industry has become one of the most lucrative in the world. If you are not sure about a legal document, you can ask for an informal translation according to the local requirements of Legal Translation Services in Dubai.

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